News 12:07 July 2018:

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If users don’t want a particular person or group of twitter followers to follow them on Twitter, they have the capability to block that person. The user’s tweet will not appear on this person’s timeline.


Block is a function that helps users to control their interaction with the other accounts on Twitter. Blocked accounts will not receive any notifications that they are being blocked. They will only notice that they are blocked once they have visited the user’s account who have blocked them. Block accounts cannot follow the users’ who blocked them. They cannot send any Direct Message to the users’ who blocked them. They cannot view or see the followers of the users who blocked them. They cannot add the Twitter account of the user who blocked them. And they cannot tag any photo to the user who blocked them. User can block someone through the web and through Twitter application.


Users can block through the web in two ways. One is from a tweet and second is from a profile. Blocking from a tweet can be done by simply clicking the MORE icon (…) that is located at the bottom of the tweet. And then click BLOCK.  Blocking from a profile can be done by going to the profile page of the person the user wish to block. The user can click or tap the gear icon. Select BLOCK from the menu and click to confirm.


To block using the application, user must need to determine the operating system of the phone. If it’s an Android, they can block it from a tweet by tapping the overflow icon, and tapping BLOCK to confirm. Blocking from profile,  the users’ should visit the person’s account they wish to block. Then tap the overflow icon and tapping BLOCK to confirm.


If it’s an IOS, the method for blocking from a profile is the same with Android. While blocking from a tweet,  the users should go to the person’s account that they wish to block. And tap the MORE icon and then tap the BLOCK button to confirm.