Types of Annoying Snapchat Users

News 12:07 July 2018:

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As social media becomes a way of life for this generation, people are now seeing it’s true impact to both their social and professional lives. Most people that are active on social media will display a variety of personalities. They may possibly behave differently on Facebook, and display a totally opposite personality on Snapchat. A number of personalities have been known to consistently post photos and videos on Snapchat, but not all followers find them funny or interesting at all. Some people are too wrapped up with their own lives that they believe that every detail of their day-to-day stories are interesting to followers. But in reality, not everyone would really care. Here are the types of Snapchat users that don’t fail to annoy snapchat followers.


1) The ones who post photos and videos of their pets everyday


2) The one who Snapchats you a lot but never responds


3) That one friend who has mistaken their phone camera for a mirror


4) The one who takes about five snaps a day of their daily meals


5) The gym selfie lord


6) The one who loves showing off their perfect life


Are you one of the Snapchatters who possess one of these personality types? Or a combination of more than one?