Three Ways of Using Filters to Generate Snapchat Views

News 12:07 July 2018:

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After hearing a lot of hype about the use of filters on your videos and how they create an excellent experience, it is probably time to give it a try. This can be a remedy if you are getting few snapchat views even after increasing the number of followers. Below are types of filters you can access on this app;

Color filters; using this enables you to change the feeling in your video using colors. For instance, you can settle for the white and black filter if you want to add nostalgia to the video you are posting. In the recording, the light intensity can ruin some images; hence, this filter auto corrects such scenarios.

Reverse filters; when used will play your videos backward which allows effects like impossible catches. It is like picturing everything in reverse on a normal day. Take a video of tossing up a baby then reverse it. Everything turns crazy in a funny way that will attract more snapchat views from your followers.

Using two filters simultaneously; you can use two filters in the same video by pressing and holding one then swiping with another finger to get to the other you want to combine with. You can combine the reverse one with geofilters, fast forward with the color one, etc.