The Negative Side of Promoted Tweets

News 12:07 July 2018:

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The promoted tweets advertisement method, recently unveiled by Twitter can be annoying to the users in some cases. In this regard, automatic retweets are still some of the best advertisement methods on this social media platform. When investing on promoted tweets, you need to be extremely cautious not to annoy your followers, as they may end up unfollowing your brand. Mentioned here are some of the negative impacts of the system, if used over the long run.

It Can Be Annoying To Your Followers

Basically, many people love using social media platforms, especially Twitter. However, if the platform starts sharing information that the user did not allow, it may end up annoying the user. If the user was in the middle of a conversation, but is cut short by a tweet that he or she did not permit, the user may take it to be rude and end up disliking your brand.

This implies that promoted tweets have to be used moderately and with caution. Rather than risk it all, you should consider using the safer, more effective and relatively cheap method, auto retweet services.