An In-Depth Guide to Twitter Tools

News 12:07 July 2018:

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Twitter Offers Various Tools to Connect

Twitter has been called a huge universe of users carrying out both public and private conversations on a daily basis.  The rise of social media has been greatly enhanced by the addition of Twitter.  With tools designed to make connecting with followers easier, Twitter is the favorite of many social media networkers.

Following vs. Followed

In order to attract new followers, it is important to make sure you’re proactive.  When someone follows you, follow them back.  This is considered good etiquette in the “Twitter-verse” and will help you expand your circle of influence.

When someone follows you on Twitter, it means that they will receive everything you tweet (unless you make a private tweet – more on that later) and have the opportunity to buy retweet what they’ve gotten from you.  When you become a follower, the reverse is true; you’ll get all of their tweets and you can retweet their items.

Building a following is very important; some users even choose to buy Twitter followers to increase their reach.

The Importance of the Timeline

Your timeline lists every tweet from everyone you follow in chronological order.  Tweets are listed with the most recent items shown first.  The timeline can be accessed at any time by clicking on the Home button on your Twitter page.

Use Direct Messages for Privacy

If you should find yourself needing to communicate privately with one of your followers, you can make use of direct messaging.  These are private tweets to specific individuals and are not able to be seen by your followers or on your profile.  Direct messages are only available between users if both are following the other.  This is one of the reasons that it is important to follow those who follow you.

Hashtags and Trends

Hashtags allow tweets to be organized by specific keywords.  Making a hashtag for a celebrity, for example, would go something like this: #brucewillis, starting with the hash (#) and followed by the name/phrase with no spaces.  Hashtags are important in making sure the right people see your tweets.

Trends mark what is popular or garnering a lot of attention on Twitter.  It is a list of keywords and hashtags that represent the most popular recent searches or hot topics.

The Final Word

Knowing how to use Twitter’s tools can help you make the most of your account.  Whether you choose to buy Twitter followers to increase your following, or you’re just looking to connect with friends and family, Twitter can help you keep in touch.